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Hommage à Čiurlionis/ Vidmantas Bartulis
The composition Hommage à Čiurlionis, created in 1995, does not follow traditional lines and is modern in many other ways. It is possibly the first such project in the history of Lithuanian discography. The composition exists only on this record, and consists  of three separate musical layers. Electronically modified fragments and motifs from various compositions by Čiurlionis from the base; the secondlayer is made up of live recordings of music by Čiurlionis (folk songs for choir, preludes for piano,and the symphonic poem In the Forest); and the third of improvisations by the saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas (only the third part of the composition is available in written form).
The music is full subtle impressions and melancholic sound. Sometimes these improvisations explode, revealing unexpected qualities. The composition Hommage à Čiurlionis is very typical of Vidmantas Bartulis. It also shows some of the major features  of Čiurlionis’ outlook – mystery, an understanding of eternity, the harmony between man and nature, and the never-ending anxiety of man.
Vidmantas Bartulis (b.1954) graduated from the Lithuanian State
Conservatoire( present Academy of Music) in 1980. In 1996 Bartulis was acknowledged as the Best Theatre Composer in Lithuania. 1998 he was awared the Lithuanian National Prize. The works by Bartulis are constantly performed at various festivals of new music in Lithuania and abroad, including the Festival of Electronic Music in Sophia(1985), Warszawska Jesen (1990,1997), Baltisk Musikfestival (Stokholm,1991),Musikhost (Denmark,1992), Die  Festival(France, 1997), and many others. In 2003 a series of four Bartulis’ portrait concerts was organizad in different cities of Canada. 
Petras Vyšniauskas’ (b. 1957) musical biography boasts the festivals of Bratislava, Leipzig, Salzburg, Krakow, Warsaw, Helsinki, Pori, Vilnius, Birštonas, festivals in the former Soviet Union, “The Festival of Perth 95” (Australia) and the Detroit jazz festival (USA). He performed with Vladimir Chekasin, Viatcheslav Ganelin, Steve Lacy, Paul Jeffrey, Han Bennink, Jon Christensen, Jimmy Owens, Karl Berger, Kent Karter, Klaus Kugel, Rova Saxophone Quartet and others. The instrumentalist’s discography counts more than 60 LPs and CDs – compositions recorded with different performers.

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