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Waltzes, tangos and foxtrots
(recorded between 1929 and 1938 ) TT: 65’51”
This CD includes popular melodies from the late 1920s and  the 1930s in Lithuania. Recorded by foreigs firms under a Lithuanian label, all these tracks werw on albums available in Kaunas ant other towns. In Lithuania , record music also enjoyed great popularity.Even the expensive records were bought in quantity to augment private collections. Luckily, these fashionable waltzes, tangos ans foxtrots, with the elaborate and elegant sound of the dance bands, were preserved on old shellac discs.
Performers: Danielius Dolskis, Antanas  Šabaniauskas, Antanas Dvarionas, Stepas Graužinis, Metropolis Orchestra, conductor Moišė Hofmekleris, Danielius Pomerancas Orchestra, Columbia Dance Orchestra, Nullo Romani Orchestra, etc.
Illustrations from the archive of Algirdas Motieka(Vilnius) and the collections or M.K.Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Kaunas).

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