1. Maple Leaves are Flying High (harvest song)
  2. The Darling is Riding to the War (war-historical song)
  3. The Sightly Linden Tree on the Mountain (youth-love song)
  4. The Bee Flying by the Hollow of a Tree (buckwheat harvesting song)
  5. The Dove is Singing (war-historical song)
  6. Down the Field There is a Tree (youth-love song)
  7. In the Middle of the Field a Pear is Growing (calendar song)
  8. I was Sent by the Father (calendar song)
  9. Early in the Morning the Sun Was Rising (family song)
  10. Fir-tree, You Daughter of the Woods (harvest song)
  11. Hushaby, Lullaby, You Little Son (lullaby)
  12.  A-a-a, You Little Son (lullaby)
  13. I am Grinding Groats (children game-song)
  14. They were Making Gruel (children game-song)
  15. Loving, Loving, Loving (song of affection)
  16. You, Kitty (children game-song)
  17. The Stork Came Flying (children song)
  18. Hushaby, Lullaby (lullaby)
  19. You, Magpie White-Sided (children song)
  20. Go, You Goat, Drink Water (children song)
  21. Heron Heron, Ga-Ga-Ga (teasing song)
  22. Rise You, Dear Mother Sun (shepherds’ song)
  23. You Ladybug, Fly to the Sky (incantation)
  24. You, Dear Moon (prayer)
  25. Mister is Riding (children game-song)
  26. The Grandfather is Riding (children game-song)
  27. Hushaby Daughter, Lullaby Rue (lullaby)
  28. You, Bunny (calendar song)
  29. You, Long-horned Goat (children song)
  30. A-a-a Lullaby (lullaby)
  31. You, Dear Sun, You Were Rising As a Halo (family song)
  32.  Dear Father was Strolling Beside a Rye Field (harvest song)
  33. On the Blue Sea (harvest song)
  34. My Dear Mother, You Foam of the Sea (lament)
  35. Our Home has Burned (lament)
  36. You, Red Snowball-Tree (family song)

Veronika's son Tautvilas Povilionis took part in the tracks 12-16, 18-27.


Veronika Povilionienė learnt these songs and laments from the singers in Kapčiamiestis, Barčiai, Viktarina, Buciniškės, Rudnia, Puodžiai, Mardasavas, Puvočiai, Marcinkonys, Kašėtos, Mitrauka, Gervėčiai and Adutiškis.

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